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  • We recently went to the Fashion on a Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, London. This exhibition had some fantastic items of clothing from WW2 to post war, showing the effect of war on fashion. What will always amaze me is the "make, do and mend" aspect of war time fashion where some of the most fantastic items were hand made. I'm a massive fan of 1940's and 50's clothing and for me a 1940's day or evening dress exhibits perfect fit, attention to detail and is well made. I love wearing an item knowing it is nearing 80 years old, is still going strong and looks fabulous! Anyway, I digress. There were a few knitted its and bits too. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

    Well, if I had to have a uniform it would be this dress. I love a shirt dress at the best of times, but one with yarn and needles novelty print wins it for me.

    Our 1940's romper is pretty much like this one. This lovely mint green one was actiually worn for swimming and has the wearer's initials on it. 

    Sweet little garter stitch pram coat. I love a bit of garter stitch- the texture of it, the fact it is a lovely 40's touch and also it is the one I find the easiest! 

    Just some blooming lovely dresses. I want them all.

    Beautiful illustration and handwriting. I can barely read it, but it is just such a beautiful image.

    So I'm biased as I have a little daughter and my day job is a footwear designer but these baby girl items are just too sweet for me. 

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